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Clen for Girls

I have a friend who has bought some clen and plans on doing her second cycle of it. She told me this last night in a club so we weren’t really able to talk about it properly. I figured I would like to help her out to make sure she does it safely and effectively. I figured 3 weeks on then 3 off would be good protocol, with dose starting at 40 micrograms every morning, bumped up 20umg every 3 days to a max of 100, then tapering back down to 40. So day by day it would look like: 40/40/40/60/60/60/80/80/80/100/100/100/80/80/80/60/60/60/40/40/40
Now the question I have is how catabolic is clen? Will a high protein diet be enough to prevent lbm loss or should something be stacked with the clen. I would guess methenolone but I don’t think I could get her any. I’ve heard mostly good things about female winny use but couldn’t reccommend it to her on that alone? What do you think?

Clen, like ephedrine, has been shown to help retain LBM while dieting. As long as she is eating properly there should not be any concern.

I have experienced great results with less Clen. I always seem to experience great results with less of everything. She should be experiencing some anti-catabolic activity with Clen. That is why most folks use it in the first place. Maybe try to work her up to just 60mcg a day and see how that works. If it does not work, increase the doseage a little more. Primo(100mg/wk) or/in conjuction with a little Winny Depot(25 or 50 mg/eod) will work great with the Clen if she wishes to use AAS compounds. Girls do not need much gear. If she does do more she might get a huge clit. But hey…maybe she would like one.LOL

The Scorp

Some of the info I read said it was catabolic and some said anti. Just wanted to have some first hand responses. Stepping the dosage up until a good result is seen makes perfect sense. As far as the winny goes I think I will have her do a BD 10mg tab a day.

make no mistake. it has anti-catabolic effects.

starting with a lower dosage would be best to see how your body reacts to its effects (including side effects).


What the hell does “a BD 10mg tab a day.” mean? That is a new one to me.

1 British Dragon 10mg tab of winstrol per day.


I can get 50mg Winnie tabs.