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Clen for a Woman

Hi to all,
i need a little help with a clen cycle for a girl whom train with me.

She is really ripped (150cm tall, 39kg of bw).
She wants to achive more “ripness” so she ask me if clen can help her. I think clen may ne good but i don’t know the right dose for a tiny athelete…

How much clen should be the starting dose?
I have used (on me) a base value of 60-80mcg ramping up to 120-140 but i was ~98kg!

In my experience, start her on a low dose of 10mcg, and then increase it daily as her tolerance builds. I think up to 60-80mcg should be fine for her - depends how she responds.

I “heard” that clen was really not good news for women, or is that just bullshit…?


Start low and bump up. But bump up rather quickly, tolearance permitting. The biggest benefits of clen are in the beginning. Especially if you don’t use benadryl or ketotifen the third week. Clen is VERY hard on the body. Albuterol might be a better choice. I LOVE albuterol.