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Clen Eye Twitches

I Have been on clen for a 9 days 60mcg.
My eyelid twitching like crazy,I stoped Two days ago but the twitching still there.
Anyone experienced that before?
Does it stop?
Any advice is appreciated.

Mine twitch too, on or off Clen. I read it’s dopamine related, or fatigue & stress. It’s a fairly common complaint of Clen use

Clen half life is like 32hrs, so you should see the symptoms abate over the next day or so, assuming the clen is the cause.

Yup, got that too on my right eye, especially if I have any caffeine. Been off the clen for a few days now and still have it if I drink caffeine. The half life is long, so it will take a couple weeks off the clen for it to go away.

Yeah I got that as well as made shakes from clen, tried it for a few days and just stopped because I kept dropping things and was a wreck from it.

It stopped after three days
I guess no more clen for me.
Thank you all for the feedback.It helps alot.