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Clen / ECA


Dear Nation,

I've been looking into my first cutter. I was thinking about either clen or eca. However, I need some help on how to run these compounds.

So far, from what I have read on clen its 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off while tapering the doses up 20mcg then down by 20mcg. Then two weeks off completely taking benadryl then 2 more weeks again with the clen. How long does this usually take? Also, is it ok to run ECA during the two weeks off from clen? EX. (2wks clen, 2wks eca, 2wks clen, 2 wks eca). Or would it be dangerous? I do not wan't to put my health at greater risk and this is what I have come up with my research thus far. Please chime in, a lil slow on a newbie :wink:.

about me: 20 years old
weight: 194
bodyfat: 11%
years training: 3 1/2

*have never taken steroids or anything of its kind
goal: bf% < 8


Why don't you just use testosterone prop + winstrol oral + reduced calorie diet? It would arguably be much safer and yield better results.

Edit: just saw that you are 20. I would use this time to bulk and then go with the above suggestion once you turn 21.


Your 11% BF at the moment, I would consider that pretty lean.
Why not build off this and do a very clean bulk? This way you will gain muscle and decrease fat gradually until you are 21-22 then attempt this cycle?


Personally, I don't think you should do either. But, from my experience (25 and two cycles under my belt) I would prob lean towards 2 on and 2 off w Clen. Forget the eca.


Using clen in the absence of anabolics will likely cause muscle loss as well as fat loss.


Not really true unless backed up by studies of which I believe are none. Apparently clen has anti-catabolic properties but there also no studies for that.


Does anyone here actually believe that clen is anti-catabolic at the dosages used by humans?


short answer is no.

clen at the dosages that was used by rats in tests,which is huge and fatal compared to a human dosage showed that it preserved muscle mass slightly more than not taking it