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Clen During Post Cycle Maintenance?

Hi I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this but figure I’d ask. I’ve just finished a cycle and I was curious if it’s worth running clen while trying to maintain my gains and to keep fat gain at a minimum.

No… that’s a terrible idea…

If you come off (cycle off) the objective is to allow the body to reattain homeostasis… not further strain you’re heart WHILST off.

Regardless I’m of the opinion clenbuterol isn’t particularly anabolic, it’ll keep fat off… sure… but at what cost?

I believe that clen is anticatabolic, so the theory would be that it could help you maintain some muscle during a cut. But definitely not worth it.

But OP, why would you be gaining fat? You’re going to be eating at maintenance, which by definition maintains your current state. No need to overthink it. Eat at maintenance, keep training, recover. After you’ve finished pct and you see what you’ve kept you can design a diet for a cut and that will be that.

Thanks everyone! I figured that would be the answer I just figured I’d check. Basically I just ended a cut, lost 30 pounds of pure fat. I went pretty hard on the cut and I’m coming off cycle now so I just figured my metabolism will probly take a bit of a beating so that’s why I was concerned with keeping the fat off. But I should be fine if I just continue to carb cycle and eat at maintainance like you guys have stated. Thanks for the input!

Also I never received my clen until I was done cutting lol so that’s why I was like well should I use it? Lol

Like iron touched on, clen has an anticatabolic property. It only lasts for about the first two weeks of use. I have only seen this property mentioned on steroid sites so it could be the fat burning allows the definition to stay a little longer into PCT vs without and then everyone says it’s “anticatabolic.” Also the fat burning quality only really works great for about the first 2-3 weeks. Then the receptors get over stimulated and the clen doesn’t elicit the same results.

If you were a pro then I would say, as long as you know it’s clen and not something else (it’s very easy to substitute for clen) then yeah run it the first couple of weeks of PCT as an added helper. But if you were a pro chances are you would be blasting and cruising and thus not be experiencing a very low test state at the beginning of of PCT, you wouldn’t even PCT. Please remember pro’s sideline their health especially long term health for a short term goal.

I say put the clen in the cupboard and save it for closer to swimsuit season.