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Clen During PCT to Keep Gains During Very Small Cal Deficit?

Should I take clen while in PCT? I often bulk most of the week but then 1 or 2 days I take fairly moderate amounts of pretty strong stims (ephedrine or adderall). While on these stims (that I used to take much more regularly before i started usually limiting to once or twice a week) I eat low carb but still very high protein. I get noticeable results from as little as 2 days (forearms) or 3 days (abs).
What do you guys think of doing this with clen during pct. It’s day 4 not and libido is definitely back with a vengeance (some of the time anyway) it was the same last time (my first cycle). Would it’s catabolic effect mean I could still hold on to gains well despite throwing in a few low carb days I have the top 4 abs showing well with the last 2 just about visible. Normally would just bulk and worry about fat later but wanna look my best for a girl in a week or so lol. Alternatively would having some clen during a bulk diet help keep gains and/ or reduce fat gain.
Also been looking into mk-677. I’m wondering how much it would help keep my gains while also helping me lean out a tad. I’m just scared after hearing that it increases cortisol in the first week. I was keen to get it for my last week on cycle so I’d b safe from that first week side effect when I continued taking it with PCT.

btw my PCT is

Novaldex - 20mg daily (took throught cycle so didn’t think I needed to frontload it like lots.
Anastrozol- 1/2mg a day
clomid reduces sex drive from what I remember from last time so only took 150mg PCT day 1 as I had just run out of novaldex. Think this has a 5 day half life so should b in my system a littke bit tho.
HCG- I took the whole 5000ug a week after last test cyp dose since I wasn’t gonna take pins to visit family. Might take 2,500 as a one off in a week if I’m luckily enough to meet a nice girl (if you know what I mean) just to make sure my sex drive is as high as hers lol. Would be keen to hear ppls ideas on this
Ashwagandha (a legal herb)- studies have suggested it raises test. I already took it for mental health before that and it works for that so even if the test thing is discredited it is still worth it for me.

Should I stop or change any PCT for a day if i am lucky enough to be in a situation where reduced sex drive would be a problem.