Clen During Lean Bulk Cycle?

Hi guys, i’m currenty trying to gain lean muscle, i’m watching my diet and doing light cardio. I just got my hands on some clen really cheap and i was wondering is there any point running a low dose 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off during my lean bulk to keep lean. Opinions?

If you are at the same level development as you were before you began your first cycle, absolutely not. If you have made considerable progress, than my recommendation my change.

I’ll take that as ‘go for it’!

[quote]G.I. Joe Galway wrote:
I’ll take that as ‘go for it’![/quote]
Well that would not be the correct reaction to my statement. Realistically, you were incredibly underweight and my guess is you still are. At your (lack of) level of development, I would not worry about your “lean muscle” gains. Just concentrate on a high intensity in the gym and eat lots of high quality food. If appetite is an issue, look into ghrelin receptor agonists.

I’m not going to respond by telling a stranger on the internet how much i’ve come on since my first cycle.

Clearly your responce is directed to someone with your own mindset, to compete at bodybuilding. Thats not me, i started using AAS to gain extra muscle to help me at my chosen sport and it did, and its the best decision i have made. So off season now, keeping lean has two benifits for me.

  1. i look better and feel better, and

  2. when its tme to train for fitness, the leaner i am the shorter tme it will take me to recover my fitness with what added muscle i have.

Dont get me wrong, i love the sport of bodybuilding and thnk it would be awsome to compete one day at a small level but i have other priorities now.

G.I. Joe Galway,
you have been around for a while, and i have read your comments in a lot of different threads. i think you have the knowledge to take your body to a different level.
Taking clen will help you on the low card days. it will give you a boost during your workouts and will help you burn more while doing cardio.

just a question, are you running anything for your clean bulk or just clen on its own?

I will be yes.

Been off over 3 months now and been changing my mind on what to run overy week of those. But i’m just going to bite the bullet and run test e and deca this month. probably 500/300, seems to be the recommended.

I was afraid to run deca before because of horror stories, but from reading and talkng to real people who have ran it, it seems that most people who know what they’re doing have no libido problems and great results.

good luck with your cycle, although i think that it would be better if you add a class B steroid (Dbol-winstrol-Adrol) for your clean bulk cycle (test+deca).

If you control the estrogen from the Dbol or Adrol, then you won’t have to worry about fat or water retention.

if you are going to use Deca for 10 weeks or more (8 in my case) then it’s better to end your cycle with a test taper

Good luck