Clen Dosing?

Whatsup erbody, I am trying to figure out what exactly the dose exactly is of these clen tabs. On the back of the package it says Clenbuterol NIHF 0,02 mg. And below that it seems to say something in russian… Any thoughts? What does that break down to in mcg?

1mg = 100 mcg

.02mg = .02 x 100mcg = 2mcg

The half life is around 1.5 days, so if you take the same amount every day, the levels in the body will build for a few days.

If you work up to a larger dose over time; if you increase. The next time you start on clen again, start small and work up slow again. Clen can hit hard and act like an adrenaline overdose. Having your heart trying to pound its way out of your chest for over 24 hours would not be much fun. Results could be dire.

If you get into trouble, you are not stuck for hours, a couple of days perhaps.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
KSman wrote:
1mg = 100 mcg

.02mg = .02 x 100mcg = 2mcg


Er no. 1mg = 1000mcg… [/quote]

Thats what I thought.

Anyway, start on 0.2mcg, then go up in increments of 0.2mcg everyday, but I wouldn’t go over 1.4mcg a day (7 tabs).

2 Weeks on / 2 Weeks off is the recommended cycle.

mcg or ?g = microgram (1/1,000,000g)

Strange: why the inconsistency?

centi means 1/100, now it means 1/1000

1 cg is .01 gram

I would have expected 1ug to be 1mmg, not 1mcg. I had thought that the metric system got away from things this arbitrary.

“When the Greek small letter mu (‘?’) in the symbol of microgram is technically unavailable it should be replaced by Latin small letter ‘u’[citation needed], but other informal abbreviations like ‘mcg’ (confusingly also used to designate the obsolete term “millicentigram”, equal to 10 ?g) can also be encountered in practice. In the pharmaceutical industry, ‘mcg’ is used in the place of ‘?g’ to designate “microgram.” The decagram is alternatively spelled ‘dekagram’.”