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Clen Dosing Question

Is it ok to up clen intake to more than 60-80mcg per day?

Each tab is 20mcg I generrally do 20 in morning then 20 at noon and 20 at 3PM… This way I can sleep

I dont feel too jittery was wondering if I could just do 40mcg in AM & at noon?

Would this be too much on the system?

Start at 40mcg.

Up by 20mcg every 3-4 days or every week depending on how you respond/how long you plan to run it.

2 weeks on. 2 weeks off.

When you go back on after 2 week break start at dose you finished with.

Max dose 120-140mcgs per day,

I have never used clen but this is what I often recomend to fellow gym rats with good results.

Solid advice thanks… Also Im running this with 50-60mg Var & 300ml Test prop… Just leaning out a bit nothing crazy… Still ok to up it to 120-140??? 8 weeks is my cycle

I dont see why not; as I said tho ive never used it so cant relate to how higher dosings “feel”…

Most people I know run it for 4 weeks within the 40-100 range.

I’ve gone as high as 120mcg for a couple of days, just because I was coming to the end of the run and had a few extra tabs I needed rid of.

80mcg is the sweet spot for me. Clen makes me feel like hell but god damn the shit works wonders

^ When running high doses do you do 2-3 even doses through the day or spread it out more?

I find clen works very fast and 40mcg at once is about as craked out as I prefer to feel

I just bang it all at once, as early in the day as I can. That way I’ve usually calmed down by bedtime.

120Mcg all at once? Dang you got balls… Must feel like smoking blue meth

haha, I only did it for a day or two. By then I was starting to build a tolerance so it wasn’t so bad.

Around 4 months ago i got what was suppose to be a sarm liquid and banged two ML turns out the RC company mislabeled a batch and it was really clen I took about 500mcg and it was super shitty, moral of the story, high dose clen sucks, but if you take too much your probably not gonna die and your gonna know that you toke to much

Ketofien is really effective for me with albuterol, haven’t used clen purposefully yet but I’m sure that it would help

as far as Beta 2 against are concerned Im more in the albuterol camp than clen, just depends on the person though

Another quick question is it ok to take clen on empty stomach? Also anything bad happen if you take it and Var at same time?