Clen Dose Discussion

I am having a brain fart and could use your help.
Based on the strength printed on the label how many ML will I need to draw from this bottle to be 20mcg?


3 is what I’m going with

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Is that 200mcg per ml?

Or 200mcg total per 30ml bottle

You are asking me? I am asking the group. I have no idea.
This labeling is kind of messed up IMO. I have email the company.
But I was hoping someone here may have dealt with this.

Thanks @hardartery. 3ml I can see how you came up with that.
My guess is there are 10each 20mcg doses in this bottle. So we are at the same number.
But it is just a guess and that is scary. This shit can blow your heart up so one does not mess around.

Each ML contains 200 mcg so .5 ml would be 100 mcg so .1ml is what I would say is 20mcg

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I just looked it up 6000 mcgs in that bottle . So yes .1ml is 20 mcg

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Thank you @straightnasty I should have looked closer I did not see this data sheet on the website when ordering.

No prob bud , def don’t want to screw around with dosing of clen

Injectible clen??

Studhammer’s getting excited!! :joy:

No, but you use a syringe to get a precise dose. The eyedropper provided is way to corse.
Just don’t stab yourself in the tongue when you spray it in your mouth, haha