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Clen Dosage


....just got my order of len, was wondering if i need to stack it with something like t-4 or something....i would consider myself an intermediate kinda guy, not out there bench big weight...but i need to cut down some major weight....currently work out 3X/week due to time restraint...but lots of cardio in my routine...any suggestions for a first timer ?


You want to use T3 not T4. I have been using 80mcg of Clen and 50mcg of T3. I tries 75mcg of T3 for a while but it didn’t seen to work any better than the lower dose. I have had to up my mineral intake and additional taurine also after I started cramping from the clen.


Start at a low dose, say 30 mcgs, and increase by 20 mcgs until you reach the desired level or side get to bad. Clen is a drug that you have to assess your tolerance with so YMMV. I personally am stim resistant and have worked up to 180 mcgs, the safe max dose being 200 mcgs. I have heard of ppl going above 200 but I would not venture into that territory for fear of excess strain on the heart. It is used best with am cardio. If you are looking for a stack, stack it with t3. Taking the two together will create a synergisitc effect greatly increasing results and the amount of time that your body will react to the substance without adapting. Main sides inculude sweating, headaches, and hand tremors.


Is sleep effected much by Clen? How about T3 + Clen?


Cant speak for T3, but as for clen there is a common rule to not dose after 2pm. Again depending on your body’s reaction is how you should proceed, Me being stim resistant I have taken it prewo b4 and fallen asleep in my car, (long day at work lol), others it could have a more profound effect. Exp and see. ALso be careful to research the correct dosage when using T3, if abused it can cause problems with the thyroid. Being a hypothyroid myself (not from t3) it is a can of worms you do not want to open.