Clen Dosage Help

What’s up guys. So I believe I asked this question before and I deleted the post because I never went through with running it. I have a bottle of liquid clen. (I know tabs are better but I can’t get my hands on them lol). It says 200mcg X 30ml. I’ll be drawing it out and taking it with an insulin syringe since I heard that’s easiest to get accurate dose. Question is how do I get an even dose of 20mcgs? What’s the conversion? I’m thinking it would be 10ius = 20mcgs? Is this correct? I don’t want to have the math wrong on this. Thanks in advanced for replies.

If it’s 200mcgs per ml then yes if you have a 1ml insulin syringe 10 units would be 20mcgs.

*i know nothing about clen or dosage or forms it comes in I’m only answering to the math of this and am useless if you have any other questions *

Conversely you could use “drops” from the eyedropper that comes with the bottle. There are typically 20 drops per milliliter; so based on your concentration: 10 mcg/drop. 2 drops would give you the needed 20 mcg.

Thanks Veteq. So if I wanted to use a dropper labeled in ml’s how much would I draw out in the dropped to get 20mcgs?

1/10 or 0.10 ml

Thank you brotha. Much appreciate

Not a reply to your question, but clen is a really shitty drug with much higher sides than gains.

Try ECA if you can get it.


Want to run my first clen cycle. Been using AAS for about 10 years but never dabbled with anything like clen. What would be the most simple protocol to follow? I know you taper up and down, but I want a pretty clear cut idea of the best and most simple way to run it. Thanks for any replies, all are appreciated.

You dont have to pyramid. Me personally I start at 20mcg per day that can go for 1-2 weeks then I up it to 40mcg. Again that dose can go for 1-2 weeks then the highest I go is 60mcg. I did do a 80mcg per day dose and it didn’t agree with me. If you noticed I pointed out 1-2 weeks, the duration is dictated by how long I want to use the clen, 4 to 8 weeks. I usually plan 6 but don’t always stick with it, I can feel the wear and tear on my heart.

Now clens fat burning ability tends to diminish at around 3 weeks. It still burns fat but the amount goes down. What you can do to counteract that is get a beta 2 up regulator (double check the beta 2 part, it’s a beta receptor so verify the 2 part). The most common and easily accessible beta 2:up regulator that I remember and use myself is benadryl. I don’t think you can just take benadryl and make clean continue to burn fat at it’s original rate for an indefinite period but using it to get 6 weeks of good fat burning does seem to work fairly well.

Another nice thing about clen is it has an anti catabolic effect. That means if we use it during a diet it will help preserve the muscle and only go after the fat. If memory serves me that effect lasts like 15-20 days or something close to that. I do not know if a beta 2 up regulator can extend that anti catabolic effect.

Thanks for the good info man. Do you split up the dosages through out the day. Like 20mcg morning 20 mid day 20 night?

I will do morning and lunch split dose but anything after about 2-3 pm will keep me awake. Some people don’t have a problem sleeping on it but I do.

Totally agree. Absolutely hate clen sides. Better, and safer, options exist.

Good to see you still around here @juice20jd