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Clen Dosage, Help Appreciated

Never gave any type of diuretic a try. Im going to try running some clen however very soon. Before i do i want to make sure the dosage is correct though. i know clen is one hell of an animal and dont want to be messing up doses. I know the how much and increments i want to bump up. But i have liquid clen. im going to be drawing it out with an insulin syringe and taking it with that.The bottle says 200mcg X 30ml. So my question is how much do i draw out to get 20mcg. I will be running increments of that. Anyone know how much to be drawing out on an standard .5ml/50iu insulin pin?

You’re injecting clen? My liquid clen is sublingual. I’ve just never heard of injecting clen as its a bronchodialtor meant for asthma.

10 iu

No I’m not injecting. Just drawing out and squirting it in my mouth with the slin syringe.

10ius??? That seems like a lot for just 20mcgs bro. Like I said it says 200mcg X 30ml.

Wait maybe your right yubs. But fuck I’m still not sure… how did you come up with that breakdown if you don’t mind explaining.

There are 100 IUs in an ML
If 1ML of your product contains 200mcg then
1 IU = 2mcg
10 IU = 20mcg

Got it. Now I get It. Thanks bro