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Clen/Dianabol and... ?


a little about myself
im 25 years old
wrestler since freshmen in highschool
Bachelors degree in Biology
Working out consistently for 10 years 5 days a week
6 feet exactly male and 210 pounds give or take with ~15% bf(over shooting on the BF)
i have been researching steroids for 2 years now but could not use it cause of wrestling but now that its over i am down for it.

My Goal is to be moderately cut but number 1 goal is to be strong as a gorilla

with all that said and done,
I want to buy Clen, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, i know so i dont need info on that

what i do need info on is Dbol, i know to take it with nolva to prevent bitch tits and milk thistle for liver support and pct with clo and nolva, but how much Dbol should i take and is it possible to do a Dbol only cycle?
im a bitch when it comes to needles i can admit that.

basically i wanna do a quick 2 week cut with clen and then bulk up and clen cut down again etc

if you guys need more info just ask


The needle problem is gone after the 1st shot, after that it's almost like you can't wait to do the next one, especially when the gains are coming :slight_smile:

but for the dianabol, Ill let someone else write, I haven't used it.


lol no u dont understand, im a BITCH when it comes to shots
my last shot when i was 18 was in my butt cheek cause i almost cried when he tried to put it in my arm


Also i would like to add taht
Bench - 315 1 rm
Squat - 405 1 rm
deadlift - 455 1 rm

if i can add 20 or more pounds to all my stats and KEEP them ill b happy

alot of what i read is "YOU GET STRONG AS SHIT AND HUGE"
but never says how much stronger and only tells how much bigger


Hehe, I was just like you man, but after my buddy injected in my glute, I was like "Wtf was I scared of?!" and started injecting in my quads by myself and Im starting to get a hang of doing the glutes by myself.

Well alot of the gains you get from Dianabol is water, most of it will go out of your system, but the water weight can be controlled with an AI.
From what I've read, Dianabol is a beast strenght wise and size wise, but VERY hard to keep when you stop eating the pills.