Clen Cycle Help?

If I’m doing clen 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. How long off a break do I need after I’ve done clen for 6 weeks total before I can do a clen again.

I know that clen is obviously different than AAS but we always say the time off should be twice as long as time on. Now with AAS this ratio gets mutilated with PCT and people assuming that they are recovered when PCT ends. I just felt I needed to put that in there for the 18 year olds looking for one sentence online to justify their dumb ass choices.

With you and your cycle of clen it will be 2 on 2 off for a total of 12 weeks or 6 spurts of 2 weeks on clen. So provided you don’t wake up with chest pains or numbness in your extremities like you are about to have an heart attack, then I would think 12 weeks off is more than safe.
Things to think about let’s say you start November 1st and just being rough that 12 weeks gets you into January. Do you have enough time to be safe and then hit it again for swimsuit time? Maybe only 8 or 10 weeks is right for now. That would get you through the tough time of the year and set you up to be ready to hit it again in time for swimsuits…Just some food for thought. And really I don’t even know if the time on equalling time off is as significant with clen. I will say it is a stimulant so those miles are harder miles vs whatever else. It isnt meth obviously and it really is a re purposed asthma medicine if I remember correctly but it is still a stimulant. So be smart be safe and stay hydrated.

I feel as if many aren’t aware of just how long it actually takes to recover from a cycle. It takes roughly 5 half lives to clear circulation. PCT should generally be instated at a point wherein circulating androgen load is less than what the body would otherwise be producing naturally. If you’re on Testosterone Enanthate (500mg/wk) this could very well be 3-4 weeks after the last shot is taken. After PCT the body still hasn’t re-attained hormonal homeostasis in it’s entirety, though it’d potentially be safe to call this period the START of “being off” if you don’t BnC.

Many appear to think being “off” begins RIGHT after the last shot of test/deca/tren/whatever. The truth is, androgen load can remain supra physiologic for a little while after the last shot is taken, esp for longer estered drugs like boldenone undecylenate or nandrolone decanoate.

These drugs are more suppressive than most realise, it takes quite a while to fully recover from a “cycle”. If HPTA recovery and/or adequate detoxification is the goal the reality should be

  • Cycle (say 15 weeks)
  • wait until PCT is appropriate to start (depending on the drug used this could be between 24 hours after the last shot or as long as 6 weeks after the last shot)
  • complete PCT

NOW “off” time begins. With BnC “off” time should begin after synthetic androgens have cleared circulation (5 half lives for around 97% elimination) and/or testosterone concentrations reach physiologic ranges.

Sort of, they’re not the same as traditional stimulants like phenylethamines, xanthine derived stimulants, cocaine etc but it does bind to beta-adrenergic receptors, more specifically the beta-2 adrenergic receptor subtype (hence the class of drug, beta 2 agonists). Hence the effects garnered are similar to many of the side effects present with stimulants (tremor, tachycardia, agitation etc) albeit without the recreational effects procured by using traditional, psychoactive stimulants. Clenbuterol is a directly acting sympathomimetic drug, but it isn’t a stimulant akin to those used for recreation.

Use with extreme caution, esp if in conjunction with AAS. Stimulants/sympathomimetic drugs + AAS = asking for arrhythmia/cardiac complications.