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Clen, Beny, and Albuterol


I am stull doing my research for these products and have a few questions:

  1. What is the active ingredient in beny that allows for longer usage of clen?

  2. With Albuterol, I can get it in inhalers where I live, each puff being 100 mcg. Is it typical for those that is it to do so with an inhaler?

  3. With either clen or Albuterol, do you split the doses? If so, how would you typically set it up?

  4. Do you avoid other stims like caffeine or preworkouts?

  5. If doing a Clen 2 weeks on/off cycle, what do you use during the off period? Ephadra is super illegal here…clen and albuterol, not illegal.

I’m not going to be doing any of these just yet. I still want to get to 12% (lower possibly) with diet/cardio/training first.

  1. It dosent, ketoifen is the only anti histamine that helps with down regulation

  2. You need the oral pills, they usually come in does of 4 mg

  3. Albuterol I do once in the morning and once preworkout


  1. Albuterol I do 3 on 1 off for 8 total weeks, no real down regulation occurs


So 3 on 1 off and you don’t need to worry about down regulation with Albuterol?

Do most purchase Research chems or is pharma grade available legally in most countries?

@baka Did you manage to get your doc to prescribe yours? Just asking since we both live in Japan…unless the North goes crazy then sayonara worls



Developed allergies this spring and got 1mg capsules.

Been taking 1mg keto/night and running 24mg albuterol 3x split. Tomorrow is my last dose before a pause.

Edit: You can only get 2mg tablets of albuterol here. Downing your dose with a cup of coffee is good. Just go in and ask for 2mg oral benetorin (can’t type katakana right now).


@baka So, allergies and you’ve got it? I have actual allergies but always say no to the meds they want to prescribe. Mostly steroid creams etc but I’m sure if I mention this by name I’m good.

What about your keto? Same doc? Different reason? Man, my insurance is money well spent this year around.

Are you liking Albuterol better than Clen?


My friend has the same case as me and swears by keto, I’d like to give it a try for a week to see if a pill can be just as effective as sticky creams

Yes. Same doc. But I’m open with them and tell all. I’m only covered for albuterol because of pre-existing exercise induced asthma during my time in the service.

Never tried clen. It scares me with all the negative sides. I’d rather try DNP before hopping on a cycle of clen. Albuterol worked just fine for me and I’ll definitely stick with it – it seems very underrated for what it can produce.