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Clen as Stimulant


Hey guys, well my bottle of clen finally arrived...about 2 months after I needed it when I was dieting hah. Anyways, right now I'm doing the whole bulk thing again and for a while have been struggling with finding a well priced, effective stimulant. They just make my workouts much better. I mean energy drinks are like $2 a pop, I can't find normal caffeine pills anymore, and I really don't want to buy caffeine powder and cap it myself.

So is there anything wrong with using the clen primarily for it's stimulant effect? I tested it out at 100 mcg today and I felt great. Reminds me of being on adderall, some slight jitters but overall tons of energy to get shit done, went to the gym and killed it.

I mean I can get this for $15 and get 60 uses out of it if I stick with the 100 mcg/day plan. And obviously I will do the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

Is there anything detrimental you can think of by doing this not for dieting, but just for the stimulation it provides? Also, will I run into some problems if I use for months at a time even with the 2 on 2 off approach? I don't want my heart growing :wink:

Thanks guys.


Why even risk heart problems when you could find some some safer stimulants like caffeine or even, gasp!, amphetamine?

I would only use it for dieting if at all. I personally hated being on clen and felt just plain unhealthy on it at even 60mcg. I would like to try albuterol though.

Can't find caffeine pills anymore? Seriously?


Well I guess I could could go buy some ephedrine, even though the last time I tried they said it was illegal lol.

And yah, caffeine pills apparently don't exist anymore. I've tried several pharmacies and random stores, no luck.


Caffeine pills certainly do exist, and Ephedrine is attainable.. shit if someone can get Trenbolone or another long time banned hormone, surely they can get Ephedrine (let alone Caffeine).

Pro-plus is a popular caffeine brand, and some US supplement stores (online only) still sell ephedrine.. many online pharmacies also sell Ephedrine.


Supermarkets sell No-Doz. I have a feeling store clerks don't know that No doz is simply caffeine so if you go in and ask for caffeine pills they'll have no idea that they stock it. It's not the most economical choice though. I've seen at least 6 different companies selling caffeine pills on one supplement site alone.

I've seen Vasopro sold at pharmacies by me if you are interested in ephedrine. Bronchaid also.


I know we all hate bodybuilding.com's user base and all that...

But they actually have a very good spread of products, including a big bottle of 200mg/cap caffine pills for like 8 bucks or something.

I buy creatine, protien, and caffeine from them still, their ware house is like a day from where I live, and is very convenient.


Alright thanks guys.


haha very true. I'm just annoyed that I used to be able to walk into a Walgreens or CVS pharmacy and pick up a big bottle of caffeine pills but lately they seem to have completely swapped them out for those 5 hour energy piece of shits.


You can use the clen as a stim, but its probably best saved for a cutting cycle.

Its a long half life stim, with higher risk factors and isnt incredibly cheap either.

Not a great choice overall.

But a low dose would be pretty comfrotable and still give you a nice buzz. Personally I get really "distracted" on clen, cant focus worth a damn.

Im hyped up, but get weaker because I cant focus.


Clen is a terrible stimulant. Can't think worth shit, can exercise any better. Burn fat like a mofo though and makes my witting illegible. I agree with West, save it for cutting.

Good ol' ECA is the way to go for just a stimulant. And im sure if you were resourceful enough to find clen, you can find ephed.




This should work. Caffeine pills, $5.99:

And the half-life of caffeine is much more appropriate for the length of a workout.