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Clen and Zaditen Cycle Help


I have come into 100 x 20mcg Clenbuterol and 60 x 1mg Zaditen (Ketotifen) and plan to run them to trim up from 10% BF to 8% and keep it month or two before I do my first steroid cycle.

My partner would also like to follow a workout routine cardio and diet with me to lose some weight and as I think I have some left over and they are suitable for females we are going to do it together.

I believe these two go together but could so with some help on dosage etc. to cycle these.

Thanks in advance



Clen will fuck up your heart in so many ways. Stay away from that and take some tren instead.


I plan on running Tren with Sustanon for my first steroid cycle but plan to try these first, I know there are some risks as with anything but thought these were relatively safe at lower dosages I was thinking of doing the below;

Me (male 190lb - 27)
Day 1-4 20mcg Clen
Day 5-8 40mcg Clen


not sure what happened to that post but it should say this;

Me male 190lb

Day 1-4 20mcg Clenbuterol
Day 5-8 40mcg Clenbuterol


I've spoken to a mod now so lets try this again, this is the cycle I would like peoples opinions on for cutting;

Male - 190lb - 27
Workout Week 1 Push - Pull - Push -- Week 2 Pull - Push - Pull
Diet High Protein Low Carb 500 cal deficit
Cardio Cycle 6 miles twice per day 5 days a week
Day 1-4 Clen 20mcg
Day 5-8 Clen 40mcg Zaditen (ketotifen) 1mg
Day 9-12 Clen 60mcg Zaditen (ketotifen) 2mg
Day 13-16 Clen 80mcg Zaditen (ketotifen) 3mg
Day 17-20 Clen 60mcg Zaditen (ketotifen) 2mg
Day 21-24 Clen 40mcg Zadten (ketotifen) 1mg
Day 25-28 Clen 20mcg

If this posts ok I will post my partners later.


bump I am about to run the above cycle next week so could do with somebody having a quick double check and also wondered if this cycle is ok then are there any recommended supplements to go with it?

I have heard Taurine is needed to get the most out of it and this may be a silly question but can I source this from energy drinks such as Monster or am I better to order some powder?



Clen is catabolic as far as I know, so I would not take it without at least some test.


I thought the whole point of Clen was that it was anti catabolic???? That's why I bought it to cut up a bit without losing muscle.


Started first one today and got some Taurine powder how much per day do I need? Any other supplements that are good to take with this?


did first 4 days on 20mcg and felt a little bit more energetic (like id had a few red bulls) but feel fine, day 5 today and upped to 40mcg still feel fine and going to take 1mg ketotifen tonight and then do same for next 3 days before upping again. Didn't get an answer on the taurine so am doing 5g per day.


From what I've read online AKA no real experience with the drug, 3-5g of taurine is usually where its at.

I also thought that clen had mild anabolic properties, at least enough for muscle sparing on very low calories?


Ye that's what I read too mate so thanks for confirming the 3-5

It is anti catabolic or so it says so it prevents muscle loss when on a larger deficit than normal. It is anabolic but only at unsafe dosages, albuterol is apparently better for this, there is a guy on here brock maybe who is a albuterol guru if you see this can you say hi please as I am thinking about doing albuterol next if I don't get down to my target BF% on the clen.



Started 3 a day today, had all 3 clen in one go and feel ok so hopefully 4 will do too, have started seeing BF drop a little especially noticeable in the mornings as I am doing IF so am fasting from 8pm until Noon the following day.

May drop my calories a bit so I get the most out of this cycle. What's the max deficit on Clen without losing muscle or will you just not lose it regardless?


clen is not anabolic/anti-catabolic in humans. however, albuterol is....

why are you raising your clen dose so slowly? and why aren't you starting your keto dose at the same time you're starting the clen?


I think I pretty much answered this in a different post but am interested in your input on a few questions I have;
It's my first time on anything like this so thought I'd play it safe. How would you normally raise the dosage?
So Clen isn't anti catabolic in humans or just hasn't been tested in humans?
I couldn't find any advice on how to run keto except 2-3mg so I pyramided it with the clen, how would you normally take keto?

I ordered the Clen when I signed up here then everyone started telling me about albuterol which I have read up on and seems a lot better but thought I'd run the Clen then get some Albuterol later.
How would you normally run Albuterol? I assume you have had good results on it.
How would you run the Keto with it?

Thanks mate