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Clen and Tren Stack, Any Opinions?

Hi guys,
Any opinions on stacking Clen and Tren, any benefits?

What are your goals?

Tren is a super steroid in itself, clen can cause heart palpitations and shaking hands. I’m not sure its the best combo to be healthy.


I second @studhammer that sounds like it would be a sweaty mess

Common side effect of tren: sleep disturbances

Common side effect of clen: sleep disturbances

Guess when your body recovers from a workout and builds muscle? Sleep.

I asked cause im currently cyp400 trenE200 and through competition prep have been taking every other week 40mcg per day. Does give tremors but I have liked the effects. Since tren has fat burning properties I was wondering if it’s overkill with no added benefit. I’m at 8% bf

That’s something only really you can answer. Overkill is a relative view. For me yes it would be major overkill but our goals aren’t the same. So for you it might be perfect.

Do you find the clen to shred faster than say var or winny with test/tren combo? Clen gives me shakes big time & hard to sleep…ive only done it solo or with prop. What bf% you trying to get to? 8s damn good imo but if doing a show u aiming for 5?

I have mixed in clen at the end of a tren e cycle, sweaty mess does not begin to cover it. It literally made my heart hurt about 2 weeks in. I would also wake up with pain in my arms, they say pain in the arms is a sign of an impending heart attack. I guess I forgot how I felt because the next year’s tren cycle I did the same thing and the same situation happened. I don’t mix the two anymore.

Now to be fair one of my buddies took some of this clen and he said it didn’t feel like clen to him. I have only used clen from that one source so I can not comment on how it compares.

Also keep in mind I am in my later half of my 30s and I did have a few wild years putting extra mileage on my body. It was never anything over the top but it sure wasn’t healthy either.

If you proceed with the two just start with a light dose of clen for one to two weeks and slowly bring it up. If you wake up with pains in your arm then stop.

Personally I did one week on one week off during this cycle 3 times so far and I have used clen before. For me I liked it and the jitters effect etc feels like high caffeine and doesnt bother me. My biggest question was if it together they actually have a combined added effect or nothing at all. I only take 1 pill 40mcg per day. I have tried up to two and thats waaay to much so less is more here for me.