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Clen and Sports


More precisely, football. Though any other with a reasonable fast pace is ok.
I'm looking for a few personal experiences, has anyone done it?

Just trying to educate myself on this subject.


I played D-I ball and 2 years at the AAA level(baseball), so I will let you know from my perspective. The only thing I ever knew guys to run was test, dbol, deca, and winny(for the aerobic aid). I never knew anyone to take clen. I have but I don't know that I would have been wanting to perform on it. It is usually used to loose weight(trim down), it was an aid to the aas I was on to keep me from puffing up too much.

were you wanting to take it by itself? or with something else.


Hey man, thanks.
Actually, yes. I might have to go back to playing DB on another league (bigger players), and I'm thinking about the best way to cut down some size but still retain as much muscle as I can. Right now I'm going through all my options, and this is one of them.

How was your HR while you were on it? This is one of my main concerns.


It was a little bit higher but so is your HR when u drink an energy drink or coffee, you have to know your body as an athlete. I wouldn't do it before a game but pre-season training...probably, especially with another lean muscle gaining aas, maybe test.

Diet is big here, you need the right % protein carbs to be able to have the fuel you need without having too much so that you slim down


clen sucks for sports, stay away. its for bbers