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Clen and Sleep Loss


OK, first of all let me tell you that I have had sleep problems for years now. I've been on and off ambien more times than I can remember and ambien has always worked.

I take the clen early in the morning.

I've been taking melatonin and after all these years I'm immune to the stuff.

Getting off the clen at this point is not an option.

I've asked my doc for another script for ambien and he told me no because it's habit forming. Doy!

I know we're not supposed to ask about recreational drugs here and mods please delete if this is considered improper.

Can anyone PM me about a legit ambien source?





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Wolfen, have you ever used GABA? from what i know about Ambien, it makes your body use the existing GABA in your body better...that might be an option for you there...


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Lunesta is the only FDA approved drug for long-term use for insomnia. I think it works fairly well, although it may not work for clen.

Sleep is better than any clen cycle, trust me.


I want to finish the clen cycle. Plus I'd still have insomnia even without the clen.

I was just hoping for an ambien connect.


GABA? Tell me more.


Hate to say it, but have you ever seen a psychologist? I always looked down on them, but a two month battle with insomnia forced me into one's office. It worked wonders. I sleep like a dead man again.

Maybe the drugs aren't the right way out?


No worries. Bro, I'm truly blessed. I seriously have very little if not no stress at all in my life. Work is great, family life is even better. And if I thouht that I needed to see one I'd have no problem going. As a matter of fact, for my employment I have to take an intense psychological evaluation yearly. Lucky for me, the voices tell me what to say! Ha Ha I've talked to my DO about issues and we did a sleep survey. He's basically stumped. I eat right, I excercise and I have a Select Comfort matress to boot! Ha He did mention one thing. I went through a major operation and he said that research shows that after major surgeries some patients report chronic insomnia. He thinks I may fall into that category. I'm just pissed that he's not working with me on the ambien. I'm strongly considering a new doc.


GABA is Gamma Amino Butryic Acid. A very legal OTC supp that is a wonderful addition to anyone's supplement cupboard.

It has a few benefits, one of them is that is reduces anxiety and gives you a calm feeling. It impedes all the cross chatter/misfiring on your neural pathways resulting in a more calm mood.

Mega doses seem to increase serum GH levels. You can buy it in bulk powder form and save a bumload on duckets.

Now go spread peace and love throughout the world.


yeah, what BushBoy and UB said...my only suggestion with GABA is to take it in small doses and build up to higher doses...it can cause a really uncomfortable "flushing" sensation...kinda like a mega-dose of niacin.



I have the same problem, poor sleep habits. I talked to my doc and started on Elavil. It's an old pysch med with sleep enhancing effects and cheap as hell, less than a $ 1.00 for a 1 month supply. It's not habit forming and it the effects don't wane over time. Unless you have depression it the psych part doesn't affect you. I take 50 MGS an hour before bed, and use meleatonin + GABA for a few days and then Simply sleep, cycling between the 2 along with it. I have never slept better, usually 8 + hours a night and on the weekends sometimes 10 hours.


Did you ask your doc for Lunesta? He should have no qualms about giving that to you, it is made for long-term use, unlike the ambien.

You could find an online pharmacy to ship you some ambien, just do a search. Ambien long-term is a mistake though, ask anyone who has taken it long-term.


Also, its a psychiatrist you would go and see, at least if you wanted meds prescribed.


I would suggest heavy drinking, it helps people sleep I hear.

only kidding.


I don't have experience with the Clen side of your question, but I too have been cursed with insomnia for the past ten years or so. I have tried both melatonin and GABA. I hate to rain on the parade but I found GABA to be of no use to me. The only thing I have found helpful are basic behavior modifications, which I assume you've already tried... The best of these being simply to force myself to wake up at the same time every day no matter what.