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Clen and Ketotifen


Well, i start my clen and keto cycle in probably about a week and i THINK i have the dosages set up pretty well, but i wanna see what everyone else thinks.

Week 1: Clen- 20mcg,40mcg,60mcg,80mcg,100mcg,100mcg,100mcg
week 2-6: Clen- 100mcg ED
Week 3-6: Keto- 1mg ED

I had read in a few different places that i could dose down the clen because taking the keto means that it is not necessary to take as much for the same effects. Thoughts? Concerns? All feedback is welcome.



Most people would go up to 200mcg/day of clen, even with the use of keto. Otherwise it looks fine


okay then dosing up to 200mcg would be better? i might just test the water with 100 and see how that works out, then if i feel like i can, ill dose it up.