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Clen and High Body Fat

I have invested in a small tub of chinese Clen. (Suprised how small it was)
Anyway iv been weight training for 4 years. Recently i have started doing cardio. 30 minute sessions of cardio 4 times a week.

I have gone from 126kg (38% BF)
122kg (36% BF)
I know its not much but its better than nothing.

I have done a load of reserch on Clen and the effects it has on your body. Some good effects but also alot of negative effects. :disappointed_relieved:
What my main question is taking into consideration my weight and BF. Am i suited to Clen or is it not for me?

Also i would like to point out i suffer from Low test. (Score 223)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Given your high body fat and the amount of work your heart already has to do in order to pump blood to your body I would not advise putting it under further stress with clen. A lot of people use it without problems but I now have an irregular heartbeat which is almost certainly attributable to clen use.

You’d be much better off getting yourself on testosterone replacement therapy and keeping your diet and exercise in check. Those three in combination will work wonders. Many who go on TRT due to chronic hypogonadism experience sustained, gradual fat loss for a year to two years before leveling off.


clen doesn’t actually work that well if you’re fat enough to have a fucked up metabolism


dude, get your testosterone levels squared away, and you’ll lose some of the fat.

go over to the T Replacement forum and read the stickies by @KSman

as far as clen, here’s some reading on that:

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Thanks man for your reply. My doctor might be putting me forward for TRT DEPENDING ON my next blood results in August. Fingers crossed .


Cutting carbs and getting you test and E2 levels in check will do more than any amount of clenbuterol in the long run. Have you had thyroid tested?


Yer my Thyrod is normal thank goodness. Got loads done. Im in good health the doctor stated, but its just my test levels which are the problem. My usuall doctor was not much help so i got a second opion from another doctor, he seemed alot more caring/empathetic, hopfully will be put on TRT IF test level results are not better !

Cool, if you get on TRT make sure your estrogen stays in check… E2 can be a bitch for for anyone, but especially for those who are carrying a good amount of body fat.

E2 is one of the grand ironies that keeps fat guys fat - trust me, I found out the hard way


Still curious about your actual thyroid levels though. Some doctors think, for instance, that a TSH level of 2.5 is just right because it’s middle of the range when in fact it’s much better in most cases to have a level around 0.9. Even slightly elevated TSH can indicate your body is not getting quite as much thyroid output as it needs, and this really adds up over the years in terms of gradual fat gain.

E2 means Estrogen then? Sorry all new to this. Really into the Cardio atm but lost all motivation to do the weights due to my testorone levels. No longer get that pump.

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It specificaly means estradiol, which is one of the three major estrogens (estrone=E1, estradiol=E2, estriol=E3), but E2 is the one far more prominent in men than the others and in most cases the only one worth measuring in men.

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Yes reguarding my thyroid, i will have to look in to.that. because iv never been a huge eater, never eat junk food. And seem to.keep gaining and gaining. If my thyroid is out of tune. How would help improve it?

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What leads you to believe it’s “normal?” If you got it tested I’d ask the doc for a copy of blood work.

Depends on what is wrong with it if you actually do have a problem. Most people nowadays are iodine deficient and can improve it at least a little by supplementing with Iodoral and using iodized salt.

There are other potential issues, and I’m not a physician but through some medical training and a lot of research I can also tell you that manganese defficiency can also result in hypothyroidism, but don’t overdo it because too much can cause damage.

Finally, selenium supplementation can prevent a rare but well documented condition of autoimmune damage to the thyroid gland.

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Dude, go read these stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

  1. advice for new guys
  2. things that damage your hormones
  3. protocol for injections
  4. thyroid basics - check oral body temperatures
  5. finding a TRT doc

TSH should be close to 1.0
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be near mid range or better
the lab ranges are useless and most docs are too, their understanding is limited.
Oral body temperatures are a better guide to overall thyroid function than lab results. Do not ignore this, not trivial.

You need to be using iodized salt, long term, to support the thyroid gland as iodine is part of the active thyroid hormones. General diet is not a large factor with the thyroid. Use a high potency B-complex milti-vit with trace elements and iodine+selenium.

People are getting harmed by using:
sea salt
pink salt
Himalayan salt
’real’ salt

You need to manage your own healthcare and not depend on doctors. You need to know more than them to support general health and vitality and that is possible. Doctors do not know about such things, they are into disease management, not health management.

Too much clen is very dangerous and it has a looong half-life. You can have your heart pounding for hours - if it does not stop. Action can be delayed, do not stack doses because you do not think it is working. Be careful stacking with other stimulants. Stupid dosing can easily kill.

@KSman I don’t know why this was directed at me. Everything I said is in line with this and the stickies which I’ve read twice now. You said TSH of 1.0 and I said 0.9. Not much disparity between our views on this…

My mistake, I thought that you were advocating mid-range TSH …
Too many threads to keep up some times.

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you know what is something you could try, gw 501516, was originally made to help people with obesity, it helps with a lot of the metabolic issues that occur from obsety, insulin sensitivity goes up too, all this will help you lose the weight

Yer i have decided not to go down the old Clen Route. Reguarding a TRT DOCTOR. I CANT SEEM to find any posts on here regiarding that.

P.s i appreiate your time and help.

Have you been put in TRT yet?

I’m 6’ 6" and 340 pounds at 33±% body fat and I’ve been on 250mg enanthate for the last year or so. I used 50mg Proviron everyday and .25 arimidex every other day. I’m down from 383- pounds to the now current 340 pounds.

I have been looking around to add something, but as a fat boy, I know tren and others like it aren’t ideal for myself since I have high BP. Masteron seemed ideal, but it’s costs too much for my budget. So, I’m staying with proviron and enanthate (well, now cypionate) until I can get off my BP meds. (Benicar)

Curious, since we are about the same body fat percentage, how tall are you and what’s your weight?

Search in the “T Replacement” forum: https://forums.t-nation.com/c/t-replacement for anything TRT related. I think one off the stickies @KSman has posted has “How to find a TRT doctor” or some sort of verbiage…

Stickies are here: About the T Replacement Category

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Do not ignore thyroid function. It determines energy levels and is a huge [pun intended] influence in weight gain/loss. If you are not using iodized salt, you will have problems.