Clen and Ephedra

Is there any risk from using a low dosage of clen and ephedra at the same time?

Personally I would not use the two together as they work in different ways, Just remember how they work and the side effects they can have, you really need to do 2 weeks clen then 2 weeks ECA for 12 weeks and then take a break, remember to taper up the clen slowly 1 tab day 1,2 tabs day 2 and so on until you reach day 7 with 7 tabs a day, just take your time and evaluate you response to clen and ECA.

Hmmm Work in different ways???
Some info…
Actually they work in almost the exact same ways. Eph hits more beta 2 receptors, but what do I know.
Listen take the active ingredient in benadryl…keto…and it will upregulate the betas to help the inhibit the downregulation of the cells therefore allowing you to use the drug (either clen or ec) to be used longer. Also switching them doesnt help anything b/c the same receptors are still being used. Good luck.

Sorry came out wrong sometimes its hard to write down what you are thinking and putting it down in words, I meant to say that they have different results in increased metabolism percentages and can have different sides for different people. But it all boils down to what tolerances your body can handle.
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Ok but that doesn’t answer my question. Will if fuck me up if I use them together?

Why do you want to use them together? More is better?

[quote]rainjack wrote:
Why do you want to use them together? More is better? [/quote]

No I want to use them together because I have to use a real low dose of clen because it gives me harsh head aches. I allso don’t like using a high dose of ephedra because it gives me insomnia, and sometimes gives me sexual side effects (like a weak dick). But a low dose of clen seems to work ok, and a low dose of ephedra takes away my appetite just fine with few of the side effects.