Clen and Diet Type

Hey guys,

I have started dieting a few weeks ago, and plan to begin using some clen 2 weeks on/2 weeks off with thermogenics.
Got 2 questions:

  1. Is there a problem using clen on the AD(low darb diet)?
  2. I have it in powder form, and cannot get it in tabs or liquid. What is the best way to measure? A friend says that there is 20micrograms of clen in a gram, therefore a full metric teaspoon would be approximately 100 micrograms, correct? (which would be close to the max dose)



Your friend says that huh? You’d better be damned sure it’s 20 ug and not 200 ug or even more per gram. You could easily wind up with cardiac arrest misdosing that shit.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you man. The best thing you could have done was get liquid. It’s just a lot easier to deal with. I have a few ideas as to what you could do, but I don’t want to screw you, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

Yeah, I have searched the net for info, but nothing has come up yet regarding taking it in powder form. PM me with your ide W1187…Wouldn’t hurt to hear you out…

Also, my mate got it from his friend who competes and has won a few titles. He is also and teahcer at an institute of fitness. So I trust him…He aint the regurlar personal trainer. He trains as well, and knows whats he’s doing, but he admits still needing to learn more, as we all do