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Clen and Cytlomel ?


Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some info concerning a cycle of clen and cytlomel. I am 6'4 242 about 17% body fat. I am doing everything I can to get ot about 12% and was thinking about this cycle or anything else you might suggest. How much wieght in fat can I expect to lose? when I end the cycle will my matabolism return to normal? I would appreciate any suggestions


I have done 2 Clen/T3 cycles. Lost 10 lbs of lard on both with a moderate carb diet. I am over 40 and had no trouble with metabolisim rebound. For recovery I used Gugglesterones only on the 1st cycle and coleus forkilskin and Kelp caps (iodine) on the 2nd one. I will start another cycle here soon and will use HOT-ROX for recovery 10 days before the last T3 dose. I was cycling both times. This next time will be w/o AAS...maybe I'll use my MAG-10.

Lose as much as you can naturally and then use the Clen/T3 to get the last stubborn fat off.


How bad were the side effects? Did you have troble sleeping?


Sides were rapid heartbeat (T3) both times, slight headache and a somewhat lethargic feeling (from the clen or maybe the tren). I have trouble sleeping anyway, so I made sure to start the Clen early am like 5:30 am and did the T3 every 3-4 hours...last dose around 3:00 PM

I used melatonin, GABA and Elavil as a sleep aids...