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Clen and Beta Blockers


Interested in using clen or albuterol this spring for a cut. This will be my first time using either, I can "naturally" (cough...cough..SARMs) cut down to ~11-13% pretty easily so I haven't needed them, but my last few AAS cycles have been good to me in terms of lean gains and I want to keep as much as possible and maybe get closer to 10 or sub 10%.

Anyway, I am on a beta blocker and was wondering if anyone has experience combining the two since they act on the same group of receptors. I'm guessing it is safe, and if anything the beta blocker might help make the clen a little safer by blocking some of the detrimental cardiac effects, but I'm wondering if it will cancel out and keep the clen from doing its job.


you want to combine a beta receptor agonist with a beta receptor antagonist?

And the award for the stupidest thread of the day goes to...

...This guy!


Haha, you do realize they act on different beta receptors right?


you sure about that?


Op you even stated they work on the same group of receptors, your words not mine


No offense Yogi but you may not understand the nuances of how the selective beta blocker I'm taking works, and maybe I wasn't specific enough about what I was taking. It only targets and acts as an antagonist on the beta-1 adrenergic receptor, which is pretty much only present in cardiac tissue. So I could potentially get all of the muscle sparing/increased BMR from the agonist activity of clen on the beta-2 adrenergic receptor, the receptor that is in your skeletal muscle and the rest of your organs, while the beta blocker helping is antagonizing the beta-1 to prevent the racing heart beat or potential cardiac problems... well at least in theory. I was looking for responses from anyone who has tried this.

Oh, and hey Yogi, whose response looks stupid now :p. Just kidding, no worries I'm not butt hurt about it or anything.


My bad, I said same group, I should have been more specific about the two different subgroups, it is metoprolol, it only blocks beta-1


still you, slugger.

Google "pharmaceutical phenotype enhancement clebuterol" and educate thyself.


I'm just playing Yogi. And this ^ is the kind of stuff I am looking for, along with other members real world experiences with this, thanks.

I think we are in agreement that taking a non selective or any beta blocker that acts on beta-2 along with clen/albuterol is pretty retarded. But I am taking a selective beta-1 antagonist, and from the article in the first link your search provided "Either a novel, selective beta1 antagonist or an angiotensin II type 1 blocker might make welcome contributions to the cellular well-being of your cardiac myocytes" Just sayin...


de nada, it's the best read on clen I've ever seen