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Clen and Anabolic Diet?


I have been doing the anabolic diet for 5 weeks now. Great results so far and love it. I love eating like this all week. Who wouldnt?

Question is, My workout partner was doing the diet also but he just recently started clen along with it. Is this a good idea or bad? Just wondering everyones opinion. He said he thinks he will be able to keep all muscle and possibly gain some while doing it. I seem to have kept my muscle but only lost fat and water weight. Opinions thanks


i wouldn't use clen without aas alongside of it for fear that it would break down muscle.


Yeah I was thinking that too. I told him that and he said using clen will help preserve the muscle while burning the extra fat. ?? Oh well, I guess I will use him as the guinea pig lol.
Thanks for the input bro


Well..he is wrong.