Clen/Albuterol Anabolic?

So heres the question, is Clen or albuterol anabolic

Through my research so far is I have found clen while being a better fat burner/thermogenic but always has to be used with an AAS cycle because of of the muscle loss, even though in most animals clen is extremely anabolic, causing crazy amounts of muscle gains in animals, but not humans, some believe this is because humans lack a certain amount of beta receptors in their muscles

on the other hand albuterol while having a shorter half life and being less effective for fat loss, has shown to be anabolic in humans as well as aerobicly enhancing, the one problem is the studies that have been done as far as anabolism is concerned where all done of subjects that had some kind of muscle dystrophy, not sure if this invalidates the results or not, but just letting that fact be known

Im curious what your guys opinions are?

Only anabolic at very high dosages which aren’t even worth running due to the sides.

all beta-2 agonists are anabolic/anti-catabolic…

they activate beta-2 receptors in fat (causing lipolysis) and muscle (increasing protein synthesis).

how high are we talking?

I’m not entirely sure on the exact number. But even if you took a shitload it probably would only be mildly anabolic so it isn’t worth it.

thanks for the info, thats some good ass reading, Ive only taken one mirco bio class in high school so some of its over my head but I retained a lot of it, its pretty cool, managed to get my hands on some pharma albuterol tabs 5mg each might try it out for an 8 week cycle with some peptides and see what kind of growth I can get out of the deal, so the way the new research for beta 2’s is going, this sounds like a good recomp drug if coupled with a good diet

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