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Clemson vs. Florida State


anyone else watching this game? what a weekend


I graduated from FSU, and do to this sad fact, I hope Clemson kicks the shit out of them...


Yeah, I just spelled due wrong. I'm an idiot. Go CLEMSON...


I watched most of the game. FSU looks like they are going to have a repeat of last year.


OneDay, what's wrong with graduating from FSU? I went to school there and am proud of the fact I graduated from there, regardless of how well the football team does.

That said, they did look awful in the 1st half. Second half was a lot better but the big deficit was too much. The offensive line struggled all game and really hurt the timing on passing and running plays. Weatherford looked good when he had time and Smith is going to be a stud.

Defense played real well when they finally got a chance to rest.

They won't a national title but I think they can get to 8-9 wins if the O-line fixes its problems.


Turned out to be a really solid game. I wanted to turn it off after 1st half but nothing better to watch so I stuck with it, great effort by the FSU kids in the 2nd half, just ran out of gas in the end.


this place was an absolute shit show, and the game was sick to be at


I had it on and paid attention to most of it, good game!


FSU & Michigan are both OVERRATED and neither team should be in the top 25.

Michigan was obviously overrated last year, look at the beating they took in their bowl game, too bad the pollsters have a short memory becasue they picked up right where they left off.

As far as FSU, they have an average team. All of the talent goes to Florida now. FSU needs a mjor overhaul, starting with their coach as they're not getting the top rated players that they used to.


I'm not criticizing FSU graduates, I just had a pretty bad college experience and my life's greatest regret is having gone to school there.

The game was at least entertaining, which is really what all sporting events should be. Weatherford actually looked good for a change, but you're right, Smith is gonna be a phenomenal football player.

The D still rocks, they just can't be on the field for 85% of the game...


A bunch of FSU fans invaded Greenville (near Clemson) this past weekend. I found them to be pricks. Especially the guy who's ass I beat for trying to check out my GF in the bathroom.


Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience there. I was only there for 2 years (I transferred from a JC in New York), but enjoyed my time there and had good professors in the English department. Some of the students were a bit off the wall, but there were some nice ones, too.

That place can certainly be overwhelming. I was glad that I was living with my gf (now my wife) off campus so I was able to get away from everything once my classes were done.

And you are right about the D. They will be good if they can stay off the field. After the first play, FSU didn't get its second first down until the 3rd quarter. Not going to win games with a bunch of 3-and-outs.

I still think Xavier Lee needs to be the starter. He's more athletic than Weatherford and can make up for the poor line by scrambling out of trouble and making plays on the run, either throwing or running.


I love Bobby Bowden - But I think he needs to cash in his 401K, and enjoy bass fishing in the fall.

As for UM and FSU being over-rated - I laughedmy ass off when I saw that Michigan fell all the out of the rankings. From #5 to un-ranked. LMAO!!!


I don't know what it was. I wasn't overwhelmed, I'm from NYC, so the size didn't bother me, although there are a shit-ton of students there with FAMU and TCC right there too. Maybe it was because I bounced for all 4 years and saw just the most vile and disgusting shit at Chubby's, AJ's, Baja's, etc. Shit you wouldn't even believe.

Also, I met this girl that fucked me up 6 ways from tuesday. My senior year was basically the worst year a human being could endure.

In point of fact, in 4 years there, I only went to 1 football game. How sad is that? I was either at the gym lifting or at a bar working. But, I agree with your choice of QB. Lee would definitely be able to spark an offense that hasn't looked good since Greg Jones and Anquan Boldin were there...


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Mark Richt was great for FSU...except for the fact that he mailed in his performance against OU in the National Championship game. He was definitely distracted by the Georgia job (which he had agreed to a month before the game) and his playcalling, which up to that point had been groundbreaking, was way off in that game.

But yeah, I'd love to see him back on the sidelines. I like Chuck Amato, too, and glad he's back and wouldn't mind if he got a shot for a few years.

The more likely scenario is Jimbo gets the job in 2-3 years once Bowden finally steps down.


A good friend of mine was a waitress at AJ's and she would tell me all the crazy stories from there. I wasn't into the bar scene, but I heard a lot of stuff of which you speak of. Like you said, with FAMU and TCC that's a lot of college kids in 1 town.


I had the honor of sharing a table with Coach Bowden at a banquet several years ago. Nice doesn't begin to describe him.

But I think he has seen his best days as a coach. Hell, FSU has like 5 assistant head coaches, and one executive head coach. I have no idea what an executive head coach does, but it sounds like a pretty important job.

I hope he retires before he gets fired.

But FSU has speed to burn on both sides of the ball, they just can't seem to get out of the blocks on offense. I don't know if it is a coaching problem or a motivation problem.


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You're funny.