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i was wondering if anybody can give me directions on the best way to use clembuterol I am 24 and female- better safe than sorry

It’s Clenbuterol and if you can get it you’ll know it’s real because it will make your hands shake. My wife has tried it and she lots 16 lb. of fat in 2 weeks along with a low calorie diet lots of water and 1 hr of aerobic activity per day. And believe me the weight stayed off. She started by taking 1 pill 3 times a day for 2 days and increasing it to 4 pills for 2 days and then increasing it to 6 (we tried 8 but it was to strong and I take 12 because of my tolerance level). There are many methods of taking clen and I suggest 2 weeks strait for weight loss. Some prefer 2 days on 2 days off but it doesn’t work for me. Clen has a bad side to, you can experience the worst headaches and hand tremors similar to Parkinsons Disease. I don’t recomend taking it for more than 2 weeks at a time and taking a break for 6 weeks after because of the receptor downgrades your body experiences. Also make sure to take PPA or a good fat burner afterwards and keep the diet.

Good luck.

Bonnie…If you are looking to strip fat with Clen., it doesn’t work that well. A good ECA works better. If you are commited to the Clen, get some T3 to stack with it.

JRR, T3? I don’t suggest recommending it to just anyone. My friend had the same nonsense inplanted in his head and now he’s taking throyd meds for life. It’s somthing you need to consult with your doctor for.

i dont recomend you using this the body becomes accustomed to it very quickly and you must keep increasing the dose which means more side effects. get yourself some ripped extreme by twin lab and do some cardio that will do the trick and is much safer. i know ive played with clem.

If you are expecting to use Clen with any success it needs to be stacked with T3. Whoever reads the forum needs to research the proper ways to do such a thing , despite anyone’s, including my, recommendation. Similarly, as if I would recommend DNP…works like “shit”, but if you don’t use it corectly, you have a problem. People on this forum, or any other, should not take anyone’s advice blindly.

While dieting, I took clenbuterol for 8 weeks to help me get cut up for the summer.
Started with 1 tab/day, worked up to 6 tabs/day, then I tapered the dosage down for 2 weeks. I have never had any side effects from clen except that I went from 15% to 6% bodyfat during that time period. I am convinced that it helped me avoid muscle loss while dieting. Anyone that says that clen doesn’t work probably was taking fake clen and didn’t know it. One of the main disadvantages I noticed with clen is that the fat loss effects only last for about 2 months.