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Clebuterol + Biotest T2?


Is it possible to stack CLENBUTEROL along with Biotest T2 and expect great results or is it dangerous or useless?

Whats your experience with this?


I think these would work well together. How long are you planning on running this for and at what doses?


Ive already done 2 weeks on clen tabs (I was able to reach 160 mcg per day without problems but I thought It would be safe to stay around there) now I am in the 1st of the 2 weeks off period and im taking ephedrine+caffeine but I'm not feeling good on it...I feel very weak and lack of energy... I saw some great deal on old Biotest T2 bottles and was wondering if it could be great to add it to clen when ill come back on clen in 1 week.


How was your experience with clen? How did you run it and for how long, and what were the results?


from now on, I did 2 weeks on CLEN. I got no side-effects, except an increase of heartbeat and increase in body temperature. I didnt get test for my BF% but people told me I looked more ripped. I will do another 2 weeks on clen in 1 week at my maximum dosage to see if I can get some new changes.


Clenbuterol is commonly stacked with a thyroid drug. Whether it be t2,t3,or t4, they all increase metabolic rate. The degree to which they do so is the only difference.
I tried an old version of t2 from Biotest and didn't get anything close to the results I got from just 25mcg of t3.
Be careful with the clen bro.



oh! thanks a lot for your input MK. I feel a little bit deceived about my clen results at this point though because I don't think i've lost much fat in my gut and waist...maybe it will start in my next 2 weeks on clen? That's also why I am trying to find a way to boost the fat burning process for the next cycle...so do you think Biotest T2 worth the price for stacking it with clen?

By the way, I have the solid clen not the liquid one.


I personally would put my money towards the t3. Several research companies sell it in liquid form that is reasonably priced.