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Clearing Test Receptors?


Is there a way to clear out or unclog test receptors? I was reading that the estrogen gets in the way of test, so that the test cant get through.

Also what happens to test that is injected and NOT taken up by its receptors?

I know you can use anti-e and ai's but these appear to just block and/or suppress E.

I am more interested in opening up the test receptors - kinda like they are when you first start a cycle.

Thanks T-Nation


Time. That is wrong.

It is excreted via urine and feces. Though don't think of it as being used up. I suggest reading some stuff on hormonal biochemistry.

This is correct, and there is nothing wrong with this.

Time off of higher doses of test will allow your body to return to its hormonal and receptor homeostasis.


There was a thread about receptor clearance and regeneration or some shit within the past couple months I believe. It was titled similar to this post, so it might not be too hard to find.




good question.........


Here is the other post