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Clearing my system


Hey Fellas,

I hope this doesn't sound too goofy and I hope there's someone out
there that really knows because I can guess... but it would be nice
to get something a little more concrete.

Long story made short, I have been dieting hard and using Tribex and
Androsol (heavy, sometimes 80 sprays 2x a day). I'm currently having
some health problems and I have to get some blood work done.
I was told that I need to make sure I "clear my system" before taking
the blood tests. How long should I wait after quitting the use of these

I read an article where Patterson said Androsol should be
undetectable after a week (and he said that might be overkill on the
wait period). But then again, you're supposed to wait 4 weeks before
using the product again.

Any info would be much appreciated.