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Clearing Doubt About Weight

I’m doing fasted training since 1 month ago.

I sometimes do full body, lower/upper (mostly used) and push/pull.

All exercises are squat, deadlift/SLDL, bench press, overhead press, rows, chinup, close-grip bench press, bicep curl, calf raise.

I hit macro properly. My progressive overload increase slowly.

Before 1 month
Squat - 95kg x 7
Deadlift - 95kg x 8
Bench press - 67.5kg x 5
Rows - 92.5kg x 5
Overhead press - 52.5kg x 5
Chinup - BW+22.5kg x 5

Squat - 100kg x 6
Deadlift - 102.5kg x 4
Bench press - 72.5kg x 4
Rows - 97.5kg x 6
Overhead press - 55kg x 6
Chinup - BW+22.5kg x 6 (Skip 4 times due to injury)

But my body weight stays same for 1 month. I’m not sure about muscle mass increasing too. I hardly see muscle size improvement in mirror but feel slightly smaller muscle size increase, just feel tighter than before. My waist drops slightly too, 32" inch to 31" inch.

Is it ok?

1 month is not really a lot of time for your body to change. But, all your numbers seem to have improved in terms of weights lifted. Looks like you are doing OK.