Clearance times

Can anyone tell me the clearance times for primo, winstrol, cytomel, and 4-AD?

4 Months!

I read 2 months for Winstrol since it has such a short half life. Other reports have said as short as a month. Is there new testing that allows detection up to 4 months?

Seems to be a lot of contridiction on this site when it comes to clearance times. Probably because it is not an exact science. Is there any links that can be considered “The Best” detection info we have for IOC type testing. Also what personal factors effect clearance rate. I heard for example people with less body fat clear anabolics quicker. I am using Winstrol-V to get ready for the Olympic Trials in July and it is kind of important that I have the best info!

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Unfortunately, you found an old thread that was originally posted back in 2000. For the best information on clearance rates, I would recommend that you post on the Steroid Forum.

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Generally the rule of thumb is 10 x the half life for clearance. So now all you need to find are the half lives and you’re set.

Remember of course that that’s a rule of thumb and I will in no way be responsible if that turns out to be an underestimate.


primo - 4-5 wks; winstrol - 2 months for injectable, 2 weeks for oral;
cytomel, 4-AD I am unsure of. Obviously these are just generalizations and there are other factors.