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Clearance Times


I know this is going to sound rediculous, as I always shake my head a little when I read posts like this.

Anyway. I have a MLB try-out comming up in May (unexpected!). I am not sure if drug testing will be an issue, maybe after one has made the team. (The way that MLB has been cracking down on the dope testing, I wouldn't be surprised, though.) However, I need every edge that I can get.

SO, let's talk clearance times!
-test enthanate:
-test propionate:
-stanozolol inj.:
-stanozolol oral:
-d-bol oral:
-tren acetate:
-tren hexahydrobenzylcarbonate:

And, if one was to recommend a "safe" cycle for testing, what would it be?
And if anyone knows of "cleansers" that can be used? I read of one that increased mineral composition (for specific gravity purposes) of urine while diluting as well. But I forget the name. Started with a "Z".

All help will be much appreciated. Find myself in a "crunch-time" window where if I am going to do anything it has to start now. Or I will have no options.


Drug Detection Times
half decent list....

  • nandrolone decanoate

18 months

  • nandrolone phenylpropionate

12 months

  • boldenone undecyclate
  • metehenolone enanthate
  • trenbolone
  • trenbolone acetate
  • injectable methandienone

5 months

  • testosterone-mix (Sustanon & Omnadren)
  • testosterone enanthate
  • testosterone cypionate

3 months

  • oxymetholone
  • fluoxymesterone
  • injectabel stanozolol
  • formebolone
  • drostanolone propionate

2 months

  • methandienone
  • mesterolone
  • ethylestrenole
  • noretadrolone

3 weeks

  • oxandrolone
  • oral stanozolol

3 weeks

  • testosterone propionate

2 weeks

  • testosterone undecanoate

1 week

  • clenbuterol

4 days

(taken from CJM)


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Thanks guys. I know that the list says that oral stanozolol is only 3 weeks, but it scares the crap out of me. Seems like everyone gets busted on stanozolol. So its metabolites hang around longer than thought to, everyone getting busted is injecting, or the testing methods for stanozolol are more sensitive than other drugs. Almost seems that they are specifically looking for it. I don't know.


Are you sure on the OT clearance? Have you been tested P22? I don't know what to think. I think that I am crazy. I saw a post somewhere else that said turinabol was 11-12 month clearance.


No, I am just repeating info here, but most orals clear the body substantially quicker than injectables, and t-bol is simmilar to dbol, so you can assume simmilar clearance times. If of course you want to risk making that assumption.


Right. From what I have read on OT is that the base structure is a variant of d-bol. And all the info on clearance times gives d-bol at 3-6 weeks. So I would assume clearance based on b-bol.

SO I am thinking about a prop/anavar cycle. Prop at 100mg/day; anavar at 50mg/day. Any suggestions? Is that dosing too small for the prop, and is the anavar even worth it? I have never used either before. Well, prop in a blend (aratest). But never stand alone.


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I've sent you a link via PM that has clearance times and profiles on about 50-60 different drugs.

(If anyone else wants it, PM him, not me)

However...My book has clearance times for every steroid on the market, by the way.

If you're trying out for a MLB contract, you should spend the $40 on a book (even if it's not the one I wrote) and be sure about what you're doing, rather than taking advice off internet forums....

I mean...



Yeah, because an "underground" steroid book is much more credible.


Havn't seen you around in a log time my friend - good to see your still out there :slight_smile:


i definately don't want to come off like an asshole trying to stir shit up......but in all honesty, the constant shameless self promotion of "the book" is becoming very tiresome.


might take a look at www.steroidcleanse.com
i've heard good things


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It's registered with the Library or Congress, and is available on Amazon.com!

It's about as underground as McDonalds.


So is the Da Vinci Code.


Yikes. Calm down there guys. All information, whether you regard it as "informed opinions" or not, is helpful. I am not the type to listen and obey, anyway. We can always learn something, even if it is how NOT to do things. So I appreciate the info from everyone. As a free thinker, all one can do is collect all the available information and formulate an opinion based on those findings. That's why we are all here right? To swap opinions, share experienced, and help bros out when we can.
I think that the books are great resources that we can all use. (Bush is always referencing his steroid literature.) Anthony is obviously very knowledgeable in this field and has probably put a lot of work into his book. He feels that the information is cutting edge and wants to share that with others. So, I can understand his point when he says "why don't you buy my book? because you are all asking questions on this forum that I am freely answering when I put all this effort into my book!" You don't often find free information in this world.
It is hard to find "verified authorities" on the topic of steroids. There are no credited academic instituions that offer classes on the proper use of illegal substances for athletic and physique enhancement. And while I'm on it, ever talk to a PhD who has written a damn book? The motherfucker won't shut up about it. Try asking a question to someone like that and see what happens, they will smile and hand you their book, and then point to the cash register. Maybe I have just run into too many arrogent bastards ... but you get my point. (I am sure that P22 has run into his share of arrogent MD's). I am not brown-nosing Anthony and I am not disrespecting any of you, I just think that the verbal assaults are out of place.


And yeah, I have taken a look at steroidcleanse.com. And I thought the same things that Bush expressed about it. I guess it is better than nothing, but then again, nothing may be just as good as this product. Who knows? Who knows if this product is legit? Has anyone used it with success?


So is the DaVinci Code an "underground" book?


All Im saying is that being in a book doesnt make the info any more valuable than what you may find here. I mean, you post here right? Should we assume that the info you post here is incorrect simply because it is here?