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Clearance Time on Tren

I’ve heard that TA shows shows up on drug tests up to 4 months out. I had previously thought it was detectable for about the same period as Winny (6 weeks). The 4 month figure seems so odd since the drug has such a short half-life…

I don’t know the detection time. The half life is short, but then again, if ANY TRACE of trenbolone is detected, you fail… unlike the case with testosterone where there is normally a lot in the system anyhow. In other words, trenbolone levels might need to fall to a millionth or a billionth as low as what would be passing testosterone levels.

And there are funny things that can go on… any time you use an anabolic steroid, it’s first converted to the parent steroid before it’s active, in this case, converted to trenbolone. It’s then active while in the bloodstream, but after a while will be excreted usually. Sometimes however it is re-esterified in the body to a long-chain ester, typically the stearate ester. This has a very long half life.

So quite probably some trenbolone stearate forms in the body from trenbolone acetate, and the stearate ester probably has a half life of more than 2 weeks, maybe well over 2 weeks.