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Clearance Delays?

What’s up all you iron freaks and geeks… I am back after a long absence. Seems I have a lot of catching up to do. But first off though, I have a quick question for my fellow brothers:

A buddy of mine has ordered some Finaplix carts (a full box, to be exact) from the U.S. to be shipped here back in Toronto. He has never had a problem ordering before. Except this time, his package has been held up with a “Customs Clearance Delay”. Is his packaged lost? Will he still receive it sooner or later? Will the shipping company contact him with the status of his package? What should he do? Or is this part of the future strike… it has been held up since Oct. 4th (almost 2 weeks).

Let me know, my brothers. Any PM is welcomed if there are any “alternatives”. Thanks in advance.

hey bro, long time no see! your package may or may not be lost. The Customs dude may be scratching his ass whether to seize it or let it go, as fina pellets are not considered a steroid for human consumtion - thus there is no legal grounds to seize them - It really depends on who is handling the seizure, and whether they know what its going to be used for.

well, well… welcome back


considering ive had a tub of protein powder at the border for almost two months im sceptical.

Mass i just heard this on the news. Apparently canada post is experiencing delays of up to 5 weeks delivering shipments from outside of canada because of some border services agency screwup. Hope that helps dude.


Justinp, I heard something of the same sort on the news. At first I thought it was a strike. I guess my friend will just have to wait and see if he receives his stuff.

My thanks to everyone else for their input. Thanks for the PM P-22, too funny and too weird, Bro. Jaystyles, yes, I am indeed back. I will try to contribute as much as I can to the steroid section of this forum again as I did in the past. I start a new hardcore winter-blitz cycle for the winter season real soon. I’ll keep all of you guys posted.