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Clear Specks in Vial


I have some clear/greyish specks in my vial and im not sure what they are, my vial isnt leaking so im assuming its sterile. Could it be the rubbber stopper from when i push pins in? Im using 18G to draw so im assuming thats it. Should i just avoid the specks?


They are most likely tiny parts of the rubber stopper as you mentioned. They probably too large to get sucked up into the syringe. I haven’t seen in the syringe after drawing. The pin you use to inject is smaller than the pin used to draw, so you won’t be able to inject them into your body even if they get into your syringe.


Go on Amazon (source talk!!!) and buy some filters. If you’re using UGL gear you should probably be filtering it anyway.


I’d be throwing that shit out, personally


Filter it at the time of injection? How do you do this?


The specks of rubber are usually only an issue if you are using a large home brew vial like 50ml, due to the many times you withdraw the steroid. If your steroids were clear and filtered when you received them, you won’t have an issue. No need to throw out usable perfectly sterile gear.
You probably wouldn’t get the “specks” with a 10ml vial, because you run out of steroid before the seal gets punctured too many times.


After you draw from the vial you swap out the draw tip for a .22mu filter (luer lock fit is universal) and push the oil through into the back of a fresh syringe barrel.


Did not know this. Thank you sir.


I can’t believe no one picked up on “CLEAR”/greyish specks.
Depending on how “greyish” and how “clear” that could be the original hormone that didn’t dissolve or it crashed.
But with 18 guage needles it’s a good chance it’s flecks of a grey stopper, if your stopper is grey and this is at least 5-6 times you have drawn from the bottle. Also provided you do everything you can to go into the same hole. That 18 guage is big enough that it can “shave” the hole if you are going through the same entry point.

Questions, is your stopper grey?
How many times have you drawn from this vial?

And I know they are not called stoppers if they are designed to be drawn through, I just don’t remember the correct term at the moment.


its my 9th week so 16 times and it is grey