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CleanSkin Novice 102kg

Hey ya guys,
Posted about a month ago, got told to get a tan, which I did. I Won the Novice Category, flew to QLD to do the nationals came 5th, but as a cleanskin in an untested federation, I was not ever going to let the results bother me.

the photos I have are from the state titles, havent got any from the nationals, but I was slightly better in the nationals, so am Very Happy with the whole experience!
I’m even gonna post my rountine!

These were the official shots taken once off stage… All my other photos are from the same place as the video, which was a far distance back…

Here I am backstage!


Your face is a lot lighter than the rest of you, but your physique looks great!

[quote]bransao wrote:
Your face is a lot lighter than the rest of you, but your physique looks great![/quote]

This made me laugh.

OP, you look really fucking solid. How about that routine you said you’d be posting? And some stats, maybe some diet/prep info?

What do you feel like you need to work on? How long have you been lifting? Give us some good stuff!

yeah my face tanner was sweated off pretty early, and to be honest I didnt care by the end… :slight_smile:
The comp routine I’ve tried to upload a few times, but it times out or is too large or something…
What do I need to work on? Condition, competeing I just see guys that are that much harder.
They have tended to be thicker as well, and while it’s easy to say it’s just drugs or genetics, I think I have to work on that too…

I’ll have been training 5 years this october
Diet - No carb outside the half hour before and 3 hours after training, I have used Nutrient Timing basically for my pre-comp diet, Just dropped the 2nd post-workout meal’s carbs about 6 weeks out, the first meal’s carbs about 3 weeks out and the pre+post sugars only for the last 3-4 days.

Other than that lots of salad and veggies, a lean protein source, ususally one boiled egg and a small tin of tuna, or one boiled egg and a kangaroo sausage, with as much salad as I could manage.
Then if I was ever hungry, I had up to 3 red apples in any day.
Loved those apples.
Lots of Water.
That is my entire comp diet.
Oh, except for 4 whole eggs for breakfast.

this is my routine!

Great work, nice proportions… sorry I didn’t see it posted anywhere, but how tall are you?

Once again cograts!!


Nice physique. Your routine makes you look like a toolbox and you use too many “!” but other than that gj.

[quote]Aussiebulk wrote:
one boiled egg and a kangaroo sausage


sounds interesting.

look great bro

i don’t want to be a cock as you do look awesome but is your left arm bigger than your right??

Thanks for posing a physique worth looking at! Pretty rare in this forum.

One question. HOW DID YOU GET THIS ADVANCED? My god I can see not only the muscle itself, but the parts of it itself. Holy crap and very nice.

[quote]Aussiebulk wrote:
this is my routine![/quote]

Whoever was shooting the video clip of you must have been on Clenbuterol. Use a stand next time so the video is not so shaky.

Very nice Physique. 8

nice physique though you would look a lot better without the weird tan ;p