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Cleansing II

I have this post running twice, one in training, nutrition. I really need some input I am hella suffering.You might of caught some of my other posts on the severe troubles I have had digesting all foods. Bloating, putrifying, and rotting feeling especially from proteins and fats. Its been a year and 10 yrs of training has been lost(seriously). I am doing all I can and got my stool analyzed it came back with heavy candida infection and a proatzaon blastis hominis. The more research I did on parasites etc they recommend doing a cleanse before taking anything to kill off any unwanted organisms so they wont hide in the cracks. So through researched and came up with the

Arise and Shine program to cleanse. Has anyone ever done a betonite psylium cleanse, with the herbs etc. ITs been a week and I feel so weak and tired and have lost 12 lbs that I couldn’t afford to lose. They recommend only eating alkaline forming greens foods, just veggies, vegtable juices and some olive oil, only 1-2 meals daily. I feel better in the bloating dept, but I feel so weak,lethargic and extremely cold. like I am further ruining my already screwed up metabolism. Does anyone have any input or experience cleansing. I know this is not the typical post but I could use some advice. I feel like things will be better on this program but as soon as I am off it and try to eat normal again all symptoms will just return.

come on peeps, I need some input.

I did something similar once. I suspected a Candida Albicans case, so I went at it full-throttle after many months of reading.

Went on a no-carb (and I DO mean no carb – just protein powder, cream, meats and green/no-carb veggies) for one month.

Lost no muscle mass but lost no weight either. Felt like shit most of the time, had to take some coffee, even thought the litterature says it helps the C.A. in its growth.

Also took psyllium (combined in a package with small amounts of about 25 different herbs in a not too expensive package). Every now and then, I used activated coal/carbon (that black power used in poison centers that adsorbs just about everything).

It did do the job.

I got rid of cyclical brain fog that had been there for years.


Just don`t train too much in the meantime. Do some, however. But not too much. I mention this because, later that year, I tried a similar diet (no-carb warrior diet) combined with the Navy Seal prep protocol, only to get a case of Zona. Overtraining, litterally. I should have stopped when my breath started smelling like amonia. But I was just too dedicated and disciplined, thinking the body would adapt, and I finally paid the price. I never went by to my pre-Zona energy levels since. Almost feels like chronic fatigue sometimes. Could have been a trigger.

Your mileage may differ, obviously.

Hope this helps.