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Righty-O. Here’s my question:

When performing cleans, what is the safest way to get the weight back down from my shoulders? Anything over 75kg (165 lb) becomes hard on my wrists and hard to control.

At the moment I flick my elbows down and back as fast as possible and catch the weight on my upper quads, basically using them as a stopper, in conjunction with my arms which control the weight during deceleration. However, when the weights get heavy (for me anyway) this becomes rather painful.

What sort of weights are members here using, and what technique are you using for the negative?

BTW, we aren’t supposed to drop weights at our gym, so that’s not an option.

I don’t really have much of an answer for you, but it sounds like you may want to work a little bit more on high pulls or deads to help get used to some heavier weight. I have never had the problem with the wrists but I have always done a lot of other types of pulls to help strengthen all of the supporting muscle groups. I now have about a 315lb clean and the wrists shoulders etc. feel fine, but I assume this is due in part to a 700 lb dead.
Hope this helps.

Lately I’ve been doing sets of 3 reps or more. You should be able to control the negative of what you can triple. If you want to go for a heavy single, do it in front of a squat rack and once you’ve completed the clean, just rack it. Obviously this is a pain since you then have to unload weight, take the bar down, load back up… But what can you do if you don’t have bumper plates?

The suggestion of doing heavy high pulls and DLs is also good as this gets you used to heavier weight and builds up the muscles.

Wrist straps helped me for the pain. Get some that are relatively wide and wrap them tightly around ye old wrists.

Get bumper plates and/or work on heavy clean grip rack pulls and clean power pulls and heavy clean grip deads oh, and controlled upright rows

Normally these kind of olympic lifts (clean n jerks/snatches) are done in a gym with special floor padding so you can throw the whole thing down after the lift. DON’T try lifting heavy if you can’t have access to an olympic weightlifting room, I guaranty you’ll tear off a rotator cuff if you do.

that’s not true…not all lifters drop the Oly bar, only Oly lifters. They do this to minimize the eccentric portion of the lift. If you can’t get the weight down controlled you are using too much weight or need to work on the muscles used to lower it. Most of the people I see cleaning are using way too much weight and their form is pretty shady. I can clean 315, but it’s really ugly. I clean perfect 255 for 3, not elite, but good enough for now. Plenty of time to improve :slight_smile: I clean 275 for 2 or 3 too, but it doesn’t mean I need to b/c it is really shady