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Cleans & Sore Wrists


Ok, my form is in my opinion pretty good, I've done cleans for about 3 weeks now, and I've been lifting a while also, I think having spent time learning to dead squat etc, has helped with learning form however, whenever I do cleans my wrists kill, I just don't really know how to catch the bar, and I think I don't rotate my elbows up enough, but this is due to lack of flexibilty....my elbows are lower, and there is alot of strain on my wrists....any help would be appreciated.


your wrists should not be bearing the load when you rack. my personal suggestion is learn to rack the bar spending a few weeks front squatting. if you can front squat no hands (hold your arms straight out parallel to floor) then cleaning to rack will come pretty naturally.

or, if you're really only cleaning for the pull, why jump under ? just drop it and skip the rack.


Make sure you are racking the weight on the front of your shoulders, elbows as high as possible. Let your hands open up...don't keep a grip on the bar. As you practice and get more flexible you will be able to close the grip more.


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Do this to stretch out your wrists.

Do frontsquats with your wrists like hers(but with bar in front of course)hyperextended and bar resting on your shoulders. NO i repeat NO weight on the wrists at all. It is there hyperextended and controlling the weight.

Eventually you want to be able to transition during the clean by flicking your wrist so that it does this during yor catch.


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Mine's from DB snatches yesterday. I went up to 35#, but sure got sore! I guess I better take a week off. LOL


Thanks guys it's been helpful, I can't really skip the rack because it's a commercial gym, and I think i'm gripping the bar too much, should I just guide it to land on delts, I've just been doin 8 reps with a 45 on each side, I think I'll do that and just catch it again as its falling, thanks lads.


You need to work on racking it on your delts like most of the previous posters have said. I've found that focusing on keeping my elbows up forces the bar to rack properly on my delts. When my elbows drop, 9 times out of 10 I wind up catching the bar with my hands and I inevitably hurt my wrists.


Make sure the bar that you are using has roller bearings in its sleeves which allow the sleeves to spin freely. Non-spinning sleeves will put more torque on your wrists.

Also, incorporate front squats into your workout. Your wrists and the bar will be in about the same position in a front squat as they will be at the end position of a clean.


good point tool. not only that but check to make sure they're still spinning. at my gym when you grab a bar you pretty much have to check it like you would a pool cue.


I've thought about bringing n oil can to the gym, but I'd probably just piss off the staff.


That picture is an excercise specifically for developing wrist flexibility for cleans. Do that, and you can also go to a power rack or smith machine and set the pins so that you have the bar in the catch position and as you try and stand, you push the bar up into the pins. This should help you out.


It took me about a year to develop the wrist flexibility to clean without wrist pain. The way I did it was; I cleaned as much weight, as I could tolerate the pain (this amount varied day to day), then I would use Inzer wrist wraps and continue. The Inzer wrist wrapps really help. Now I rarely use the wrsit wraps and lift almost without wrist pain in the clean. Good luck.