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Cleans in a Bodypart Split?

How would you incorporate power cleans into a bodypart split? I’ve heard cases made for including them on leg day, back day, or shoulder day. Any thoughts?

usually when i have to make this assumption, I first do the exercise, then feel where i am most sore from doing it the next day(s). Depending on the bodypart most sore, i put the exercise in that day.

I don’t do them often but when I do I substitute them for deadlift on back day.

When I do them, it’s always been on my shoulder day.

If you are taking them from the floor I would classify it as a lower back exercise but if you are hangcleaning I would include it as a shoulder and trap exercise.

i do it on shoulder day

yeah, I recently threw these into one of my lower body days and found that they hit my traps and shoulders the hardest, especially followed by sets of front squats… need to think these things through more next time haha

or you could do light cleans on a speed work/active recovery day…