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Cleans, hang v full?

I normally do hang cleans but today thought I would do full version. What I found was that although able to move more weight I struggled with timing and rhythm. Could this be solely because I normally only do hang cleans? If so what do people think, stick with hang cleans at lower weight but more speed, carry on doing full version and hopefully improve, or mix it up? I am not a competitive lifter/athlete just love those OL moves.

If you are not competing there is no real reason why you should do lifts from the floor since lifts from the hang pretty much give you the same results powerwise. However to mix things up you might wanna try lifts from blocks instead of from the hang (see my traps article). You should be able to do more weight this way.

I’ve been cleaning for years and still find the clean from the floor feels awkward no matter how often I do them. I can clean much more from the hang because of what you mention the timing of the bar brushing the thighs and such.


I find that I have more rhythm with cleans from the floor…From the hang is OK but not as smooth. To each I guess?

When you write hang, where are you starting the movement from?

and snatches…? i recently have gotten into a groove with power snatches from the floor.

Slightly above knees.

Personally, I like pulling from the floor or from low blocks for power cleans and snatches. I guess it is a very individual thing from the responses I’ve seen so far.

It’s interesting to see the different responses, I wonder how much has to do with limb length. I have shortish legs compared to torso.

On a hang clean you can get a good plyometric effect as you start from the knees extended position and then quickly dip down and drive up kind’ve like a vertical jump. Chris Thibadeau would be better able to descibe this than me but I’ve heard this movement from the hang done correctly (start of the 2nd pull) as one’s power position. The goal when pulling from the floor is to get the bar smoothly into the power position which can take a lot of practice.

This is exactly right Kelly!

I will also note that, from experience, long limbed individuals are generally better off the ground (lift more) while short limb individuals do well from blocks and hang. Take myself for example, my best snatch from the floor is 125kg (with straps though) while my best power snatch from the hang is 132.5kg.