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Cleans, Form Advice

I’m new to the forums and a football player looking to play in college. I’ve always been fairly good at weight lifting and stuff like that, but I’ve been doing research lately and I now notice that on my power cleans and hang cleans i come off the floor and then stomp my feet down.

This was the way I was originally taught to do it. Is this a problem? Also, I dont get as fully extended as some of the isntructional videos tell you too… It seems as if my hips are coming foward but I dont get as upright as the people do in slow motion in the video…

Thanks for your help

every o-lifter I’ve seen hits the floor pretty hard when they catch the clean or snatch.

When performing a full lift (snatch or clean–coming from the floor), O lifters will jump their feet out a touch because the width of their feet on the pull is narrower than the width on the catch and squat. This is often translated (right or wrong) when performing the same lifts from the hang.

As long as you are coming to full triple extension, it shouldn’t matter if your feet are coming off of the floor, just be sure you aren’t moving them out to far. The stomp is not important, and in fact, will mostly go away when the weight gets heavy enough. It will be hard enough to come to full extension, much less jump off of the floor. Hope this helps

I’m no O-lift expert by a long shot, but it sounds like you’re doing a donkey kick. Some coaches teach beginners to stomp so they learn to be aggressive. I think it’s silly and cuts short the force being applied to the bar.

It’s often a side effect of the lifter thinking too much about jumping with the weight rather than reaching high with their head and driving the hips hard.

Thanks for the responses thus far… I dont have a video of me doing it and I’ll try to get it int he next few days… but for now I found a video that I believe is somewhat like I do it

The only difference is that I may come off the ground alittle more. However, I dont believe its a donkey kick, my legs certainly dont curl up.

Thanks again

I vaguely remember reading somewhere about the stomp activating the CNS before squatting the weight up… I’ll have a look around and get back.