Cleans for Lighter Weight/High Volume?

Does it make sense to do clean and squat for volume/high reps? I can’t drop the weights on the floor so I can’t do heavy clean and squats, what about lighter weights and high volume?


Are you talking about standard cleans that are finished in a front squat or are you talking about cleans and squats as separate exercises?

Why is dropping the weight on the floor an issue? Contrary to what you see in CF, you don’t have to throw the bar down after every rep.

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I do mean the cleans that end up in a front squat. I can’t throw them on the ground because that will destroy my garden/backyard which I use to train. Can’t get afford padding for the floor for a long while so I have to make due.

Have you considered obtaining a sheet of plywood to stand on?


With moves like cleans, front squats and squat cleans it’s also cool to do many sets of low reps with short rest times to make it more intense.


EMOM is a great way to play that game. I stole something from Brian Shaw about taking 70% of your 1rm and hitting triples EMOM with that. Helped me build up my axle continental from 220 to 300 double overhand.


If it’s good enough Brian I guess it’s OK.

Here’s another lay out based on lifting non-maximal weights with great control. Perfect for fans of Stalin’s Organs.

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The good news is that you don’t have to do that. You can control the lowering and set the weight down. I also second the plywood recommendation.

I do power cleans for power. Power has a speed component. If it’s not fast then it’s not a power move. Cleans done to develop power are best done in the 70-80% range to make sure you’re moving fast.

I think EMOM triples would be a good option, too. You’ll be gassed and you’ll have to use lighter weights.

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Yeah but at least for the foreseeable future not going to happen. I spent my whole budget buying the stuff for my home gym (needed because who knows when gym will reopen here).
But from what I gathered it’s not a bad idea to do low weight high rep with this exercise. I think I’ll introduce something like 3x25 or 3x20.

how many minutes? knowing you…2 hours?

10 minutes was the RX. It was more for technique practice than to bury you.

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