Cleans Every Day!

What do you guys think about cleans every day? Rotating between full cleans and hang cleans and then proceeding with the rest of the workouts?

Curious to know how often you guys clean when you want to become more proficient at it.

The more you do it the better you will get at it. If you do it 6x a a fortnight as oppose to 3x you will be that much better at it after a year.

It is all about training time and the number of total reps you do in a given period.


yea if there not as up to par as your other lifts then yea, personnelly im doing front squats 4+ times a week after koing subtley hinted at there usefulness.

Awesome. I want to front squat twice a week and back squat twice a week, with cleans every day. But I’d also like to still do bench and over head press once a week so how would you guys set it up?

do it as much as you want without injury. the best way to figure out the right amount is to get a good coach…its the best thing i ever did.

i used to snatch every day. my technique got so good (i tell myself) that the limiting factor became my inabiity to squat the weight up from the catch.


that is pretty bad for a snatch…

but that is something that tends to happen far more frequently with cleans.

which leads people to prioritize their squats. which takes it out of you. which takes time to recover from.

how is your jerk looking? or don’t you care - so long as you can clean it??

I’m in a small county in FL and there’s no coach to be found lol.

@ alexus. My jerk isn’t bad. I figure if I can clean it I should be able to jerk it. I have a 500+lb squat so I’m not too concerned about getting the weight over head if I keep my technique and form sharp. Should I have two days for light, technique emphasis and two days working up to a 2-3 rep max for cleans?

[quote]Swolegasm wrote:
yea if there not as up to par as your other lifts then yea, personnelly im doing front squats 4+ times a week after koing subtley hinted at there usefulness.[/quote]

Front Squat

PS More Front Squats, take big jumps so you don’t need to do many reps before you get to your 90%+ weights

bar x 6
60 x 4

OP do the Squats and lifting first then do the bench stuff etc afterwards.

Don’t have lights days etc.

Just work your technique then start to put some weight on the bar.

bar work
Clean from floor with 40kg x 3reps

Go up to a moderately heavy weight, but make sure your technique is good. If it’s poor and your missing it for bad reasons (pulling high but your not getting underneath it) back off 10-15kg and do it properly. You need to condition your body to lift correctly. Once you can lift correctly go crazy with the weights and start attacking weights.


How long you been oly lifting? how often do you train?

I’ve been lifting for about 7-8 years now. Including olympic lifts in my schedule for about 2 years and really focusing on them this past year. I train 5 days sometimes 6 a week.

Thanks for the input Koing

Cleans activate the ENTIRE body’s CNS, they are a warm up exercise I do 3-4 times a week. I begin by foam rolling, stretching, fire hydrants and bird dogs, 20 burpees, then cleans. Form comes first though so video yourself and perfect technique with the bar/light weight as a warm up before increasing weight. I guarantee regardless if it’s bench or squat day, you will feel better and lift more if you activate properly first with cleans. (also during bench and back days I have bands that I use for band fly’s and reverse fly’s in-between sets to activate the CNS)