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Cleans: Bruised Collar Bone


I have been doing cleans for a while and I am am pretty confident on my form, (always room for improvement), however recently I have found myself catching the bar on my left collar bone instead of the delt. This means whenever I clean I end up with a nasty bruise on my collar bone which interferes with my other training+day to day life.

I really don’t want to remove cleans from my strength training but I may have to if I can’t fix this. I would appreciate any tips and advice from the Olympic lifting forum members.

Thank you in advance.


Don’t mess around with collar bones. Fix the form or quit doing cleans. All about the long run brother


Honestly, the bruised collar bone probably comes from the bar floating and not staying connected to you, or as a result of slow elbows. Try doing some no contact (against the thighs) power cleans around 65-70% to help that issue. Used to happen to me. See if that works.


Will give that a go, thanks a lot for the advice really appreciate it. Will post back on results.


CT just posted a couple videos on training for the catch on his ThibArmy website. It’s in the blog section.


Tried mlam0521’s suggestion and watched CT’s videos and finally fixed it, was catching the bar way too high needed to get in a lower squat position.

Thanks for the help fellas.